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Game Simulation/Animation Programming

Game simulation programming specialists are responsible for designing the main concept, rules, and mission of their video games.


In designing games, game simulation programming specialists often work with other artists and programmers. Candidates should be good managers because they are most often the leaders of the game development team.

Game simulation programming is a fast-growing field. Technology and job titles change quickly within the industry. Students with the proper training can become 3D games programmers, technical animators, network administrators, or simulation software engineers.

Employment Opportunities:

Programming specialists can work as employees for video game companies or as independent consultants. Successful programmers may even be able to start their own gaming companies.

Career Opportunities:

  • Game/Simulation Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Game Software Developer


The average annual wage is $73,800, or $35.48 hourly.


Location and Hours:

  • Robert Morgan Educational Center & Technical College (Certificate – 600 Hours)

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