Basic Healthcare Worker

The Basic Health Care Worker (HSC0003) is referred to as the Health Science Core and is the first OCP in the majority of the PSAV health science programs. Secondary and Postsecondary students completing the health science core will not have to repeat the core in any other health science program in which it is a part.

Students that complete this course will learn entry-level clinical, administrative and pre-employment skills that will allow them to gain entrance into other courses offered in the Allied Health Program.

When the recommended sequence is followed, the structure allows students to complete at specified points for employment or remain for advanced training or cross-training.  A student who completes the applicable competencies at any occupational completion point may either continue with the training program or exit as an occupational completer.


Location and Hours:

  • Miami Coral Park Adult Education Center (Certificate – 90 Hours)
  • North Miami Adult Education Center (Certificate – 90 Hours)
  • Southwest Adult Education Center (Certificate – 90 Hours)

Healthcare Occupations