Advanced Allied Health Assistant

Allied health assistants support and assist the work of allied health professionals by undertaking a range of tasks, both clinical and non-clinical.


Students enrolled in this module have completed the Patient Care Assistant and Allied Health Assistant competencies and/or are adding these skills to be a more multi-skilled worker.  Students will perform skills representative of one to three areas of allied health care in the laboratory and clinical settings.  Major areas of allied health are defined as physical therapy, emergency, radiation, laboratory and respiratory medicine, and occupational therapy.  Other areas of health, medicine, dentistry, or veterinary may be included with instructor provided competencies.

Stress is put on the skills of EKG and phlebotomy learned previously. Students can sit for their certificate as an EKG Tech and Phlebotomy technician.


Location and Hours:

  • Miami Coral Park Adult Education Center (Certificate – 100 Hours)
  • Southwest Adult Education Center (Certificate – 100 Hours)

Healthcare Occupations