Natural Gas Operations and Distribution | Adult & Career Technical Education
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Soon, enrollment for a highly specialized program, Natural Gas Operations and Distribution will begin. This program is sponsored by Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the Florida City Gas Company.  It offers a total of 1,220 hours of training and preparation.

This course was designed by professionals already employed in the industry to train students to be general technicians who can help maintain pipelines, read meters, and provide general customer service. Other responsibilities include using tools to do leak inspections, assisting in mechanical joining, landscaping maintenance, traffic control, and much more. One interesting aspect of this program will be basic training in traffic control. Another interesting aspect of this program will be basic training in ERT (Encoder Receiver Transmitter) which involves programming.

This program is designed to enhance career opportunities. Receiving the proper training is an asset, but focusing your studies on one specific program or industry has a world of benefits that will open many doors. Aside from gaining education and practice in this field, you will be able to identify your strengths and interest with the help of internship opportunities and workshops.

By gaining the knowledge that specifically caters to the job you are seeking you will increase your chances of becoming employed. The program will also prepare you for potential challenges that may arise while working within the field.

Employment in the Natural Gas Operations and Distribution industry are currently in high demand. Now that there is a dependency on foreign oil, technology is changing to benefit the environment. Florida currently has various job openings in all aspects of Natural Gas Operations and Distribution.

Improving your financial status is also a huge benefit to this program. Currently, the starting salary for a general technician in the field is approximately $40,000 per year with a lot of opportunity for overtime earnings. With enrollment fast approaching, success is in your horizon!