Top 5 High-Paying Specialist Jobs That Don’t Require Degrees | Adult & Career Technical Education
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There is a new trend in the world of employment and they are calling it the ‘new collar’ jobs. What are these jobs? These are career opportunities that do not ascertain your eligibility based on a 4-year college degree, but on the basis of the actual skills that you possess. You may have acquired these skills through an apprenticeship, vocational program, adult technical course or a diploma course. These skills-based career opportunities are available in every industry and here are the top 5 high-paying specialist jobs that don’t require degrees.


Medical Assistant

This job entails working with physicians in different medical settings. A medical assistant may manage a doctor’s schedule or perform clinical duties such as assisting the doctor in the examination.

Becoming a medical assistant requires you to undergo a one-year training program. Once you complete the program you will have many employment opportunities waiting for you, such as licensed practical nurse, phlebotomist, physician assistant, registered nurse, secretary, and many others.



Cooking is an art, and passion for food is enough to help you make a career out of it. You do not need a degree to become a chef. The techniques and nuances essential for stirring up restaurant-quality dishes can be learnt in any of the multiple culinary schools in Miami that offer short cooking programs. There are courses that teach the art of cooking commercial food, baking, and pastry arts.

You can then learn hands-on in a commercial kitchen environment and work your way through the ranks. Depending on how much you are able to invest on your career, you can become the head chef or even own a restaurant all by yourself. The possibilities to earn are endless.


Childcare Specialist

With parents becoming busier by the day, the demand for child care and child care experts is an all-time high. People need expert care for their children that can address their typical needs and offer them a healthy environment.

You can do a multitude of short child care training courses that usually last 45 hours to become a childcare expert. Once you complete this course, you can seek employment as a child care teacher aide, pre-school teacher, child care development specialist, and in other similar roles in private or public schools. You can even open your own child care center, if that’s what you want.


Computer Support Expert

It sure sounds like a technical job, but you do not need a 4-year degree to get a job as a computer support specialist. You can do a diploma in computers or even self-learn from the myriad online resources to understand the basics of computers. When you are hired for the job, it is a common practice for companies to offer you specialized training. A basic knowledge of computers is usually enough for you to qualify for the job.


Physical Therapist Assistant

This job requires you to work alongside a therapist to help those suffering from muscular and skeletal pain to move again. With the sedentary lifestyle on the rise, pain in bones and muscles is commonplace. This directly translates to a growing demand for physical therapy.

You can undergo a short course on physical therapy, which is enough to apply for assistant jobs at hospitals or the offices of physical therapists.