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Since 1990, Miami Dade Technical Colleges has been offering the Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) in association with the American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Students who complete this course will become Honda and Acura certified technicians. Essentially, completing this course makes them eligible to seek employment in the Honda and Acura dealerships anywhere in the country. Not to forget, they earn a rewarding paycheck as well.


What is Honda PACT?

The Honda PACT is a world-class program in automotive technology. It ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in theory, but they will also receive extensive hands-on experience.

Students in this program will receive two years of rigorous training, during which time, their focus will be specifically on the maintenance and repair processes of Honda and Acura vehicles, one of the most popular brands in the automotive industry.


Why should you join this program?

Short answer is to become a skilled automotive service technician, which is in high demand. In addition, the program is nationally accredited by the Counsel on Occupational Education.

As for the long answer, here are the reasons for joining the Honda PACT program:

Internships are Always Desirable

With two equally qualified candidates appearing for a job interview – one with an industry internship and one without it – who would you select for the job?

Internships are invaluable. Under the Honda PACT program at MDTC, you get the opportunity to intern with an authorized Honda or an Acura dealership. There you will receive valuable exposure while working in a professional environment, and being able to make a lot of connections with professionals in the industry, which can help further your career in the future. The opportunity to network is one of the greatest benefits of being a part of this program.

Learn Marketable Skills

Honda PACT essentially certifies you to be a market-ready professional. You will not only become technically sound in repairing engines, brake systems, emissions, and other parts, but also be imparted with interpersonal skills. By the end of the program, you will able to address customer issues, as well as engage them in professional conversations while offering pleasant service. That’s definitely the key to corporate success.

Well-Paid Jobs

According to information from the Bureau of Labor of Statics, a skilled automotive service technician can earn up to $38.46 per hour in the state of Florida. Depending on where you choose to work, you will also be eligible for many other benefits, including paid vacations, growth opportunities, and more.


Closing Thoughts

People who aspire for a career as an automotive service technician should consider this course earnestly. You can accelerate your career growth, because the course has been designed by educational and industry experts. Honda PACT will train you to be the professional that the industry needs. The fact that it is backed by Honda Motors Corp. Inc and is offered by MDTC does make a huge difference. Naturally, this program will be amongst the gold standard in automotive technician training courses.